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When should you DIY and when should you consult a professional? 

A DIY renovation is a budget-friendly way of freshening up your home. For some projects, it may just take a weekend of YouTube videos and you’d be good to go, but for others, you might need to consider consulting the help of a professional. 

Not every project can be done with an easy do-it-yourself tutorial, and you need to carefully consider how important the project is to your home’s value. We’ve put together some renovation projects that you can tackle yourself and others where it’s best to reach out to our talented and skilled design professionals. 

DIY – Floors & Walls

Start small but painting a statement wall until you feel confident enough to take on a full room when it comes to painting. Researching how to project your floors, skirting boards, and what paints should and shouldn’t be used, can allow for a fun DIY project for the weekend. 

Floors can also be attempted yourself, depending on the kind of surface, you can easily try it yourself. While we wouldn’t recommend bashing out your tiles and laying new ones, something like laminate flooring is a lot easier to begin with. 

Consult a professional – Kitchens 

Keep your skills and allow a professional to handle this one for you. The kitchen is essential when it comes to the value of your home, and it’s not a room that allows for mistakes to occur. 

Measuring cabinets, installing correctly, and ensuring that your kitchen is functional and ensuring that the materials chosen really work for your needs is something a professional can ensure is done first time right. Design professionals can show you various layouts, realistic renders, and avoid a potential nightmare from taking the task on yourself. 

Outsource – Plumbing & Electrical Work 

Let experts handle your plumbing and electrical work that comes with a renovation. These projects often require background knowledge and the cost of a mishap can be high. When it comes to niche trades, it’s worth throwing in the towel and allowing an expert to bring their expertise and knowledge to your home. 

Whether you’re replacing your entire kitchen or simply looking to renovate your cabinets, our expert professionals are here to assist! Locate your nearest showroom and start your design journey with Easylife Kitchens Morningside today: https://easylife-kramerville.co.za/contact-us/

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