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Pet-Proof Your Kitchen Floors!

We all love our furry friends but they can often be tough on your kitchen floors. They don’t understand the effect their claws, balls, or other toys can have on your home, and accidents can often occur. We’re here to assist with selecting the best floor solutions for your kitchen!

Ceramic Tiles 

Because of their clay mix, ceramic tiles are very durable and won’t easily crack or break. They can even be coated with a glaze to add strength to the floor, adding to it being stain resistant too. 

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles come in so many different choices and options. Ensuring you select floor tiles is more vital than the shade or pattern and opting for a tile that has a slight texture can assist with it being slip-resistant too. 

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is ideal for large dogs as their claws won’t easily damage it. Vinyl also doesn’t stain if you clean it correctly and is generally a great choice for kitchens as they can have anything from a wooden look to a pattern. A great bonus is that they create an incredibly comfortable cooking environment too.


Brick flooring, while it does need attention and would need to be resealed regularly, they’re tough and give your home a warm and earthy feel. It is a very hard surface and is best for bigger pets. 


Laminate flooring won’t break the bank and happens to be durable as well. It’s a quick and easy way to bring a warm and sophisticated look to your kitchen while ensuring it will last with your four-legged friends around you. 

While there are many other flooring options to select from, ensuring the longevity of your floors is vital when it comes to the number of people and pets in your home.

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