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Our guide to kitchen remodelling

Kitchens remain the most popular room in the house to renovate, and this can be a large task in terms of cost and project scale. Below are some crucial elements to consider when deciding to remodel your kitchen.

Setting Your Budget

Be realistic about the costs involved. The larger the project, the more time and money will be needed. Our Project Calculator: https://www.easylifekitchens.co.za/project-calculator/ is a good way to get an idea of what you should be investing into your new kitchen by using your home’s worth as a guide. 

People also tend to forget to factor in costs such as labour and materials, delivery, and installation costs that might be involved. Stay focused and don’t buy unnecessary items, stick to reliable basics that you know you will need. 


Use the platforms and online publications out there for inspiration. Our design consultants can combine various inspiration images to create your perfect kitchen!

Aim for Quality 

If you have budget restraints, aim for items that will stand the test of time. Try and see what items you could use from your current kitchen – appliances that may not need replacing, flooring, or more. Spend your budget on our decent smart storage solutions. 

Planning & Layout 

Your kitchen needs may have changed over the years. What worked in the past may not be as practical anymore. Perhaps you needed less preparation space and now you need more. Tell your design consultant what your goals and needs are for your kitchen and they can ensure they design the perfect layout. Your kitchen is the heart of the home and remodelling is an exciting task! Allow our expert and passionate Easylife Kitchens Morningside design consultants to assist you in getting the perfect kitchen: https://easylife-kramerville.co.za/contact-us/

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