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How to turn your bathroom into a spa

Nothing compares to coming home after a long day and winding down to relax. Think soaking in the bathtub, with candles around you, and soothing music in the background. If you’re wondering how to achieve this level of relaxation, even in a small bathroom, allow us to guide you on how to turn your bathroom into a spa!

Bath Caddy 

The simple addition of a bath tray can make a massive impression. A simple tray adorned with lotions, plants and candles will instantly give you a spa feeling.


The same thing artwork does for your living room, it does for your bathroom. Add various dimensions and a design that appears welcoming and soothing to your bathroom.


You’ll be amazed by how something as small as matching soap and lotion dispensers can do for your aesthetic. Get rid of the store-bought ones and choose refillable ones that match your vanity and your bathroom. 

Fancy Towels 

High-quality towels are not only worth the investment but something that you will feel making a difference. 


Spas have a naturally earthy feel to them and you can achieve this by adding some plants to your bathroom. Opt for faux plants and display them around your bathtub or on your vanity. 


Candles will instantly give your bathroom a calming and relaxing ambiance. They will enhance your mood and allow you to destress after a long day.


Bluetooth speakers are incredible for this and most of them come in neutral shades as well. Choose soothing sounds and allow them to play softly in the background. 

Less Clutter

Few things can ruin the spa-like effect than essentials being displayed on your vanity or around your bath. Investing in high-quality and bespoke cabinetry solutions from Easylife Kitchens Morningside will allow you to pack the clutter away and hide the essentials. 


A well-designed vanity where you can display your aesthetic dispensers, plants, candles, and more is vital for that spa-like effect. You can even use your vanity to hide the essentials. 

The expert team of design consultants at Easylife Kitchens Morningside are standing by to create the perfect vanity for you and your needs. Call us on 011 262 5896 today, or enquire online for more: https://easylife-kramerville.co.za/contact-us/

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