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How to add pops of a colour to a neutral kitchen 

Neutral kitchens that showcase shades of white or cream are always a timeless choice that will never age. However, a kitchen without pops of colour can be very uninspiring or reversed. We’ve compiled easy ways to add a splash of colour here and there to elevate your neutral kitchen!

Wooden Textures

Wooden elements can instantly add colour to your kitchen and give the space a warm and cosy feeling. You could add a dining table, wall cladding, or wooden floating shelves to achieve this. 

Pastel Accessories

If you want to soften the space and achieve a calming room, go for pastel accessories such as bar stools, furnishings, or pendant lights. If you want to go bold with pastel, opt for a pastel splashback. If you want to stay on-trend with your pastels, opt for blush pinks and mint greens. 

Statement Countertops 

Give your neutral kitchen that wow factor with contrasting countertops to give it a dramatic look. Going for a deep marbled black countertop in an all-white kitchen will take your space to another level and give it a luxurious look at the same time. 

Patterned Floors 

Give your kitchen personality with patterned floors! If you aren’t keen on tiles, vinyl is an affordable option that will allow you to play around with patterns and fun designs on the market.

Metallic Accents 

A glamorous feel awaits with metallic accents. You frame your white kitchen with our gola finishes or accessorise with appliances. However, be careful not to kill the look with too many accents.

If colour isn’t your thing, you can always add other neutrals to your kitchens like grey or taupe. Our design experts at Easylife Kitchens Morningside are standing by to assist in creating the perfect kitchen for you:https://easylife-kramerville.co.za/contact-us/

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